A warm welcome

"Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the

Soul" ~ Pablo Picasso

The sculptures or exhibits are made by me from woods, from the immediate surroundings, also in combination with stone and wood. Many inspirations for my ideas I get from events that happen in my environment, which you can learn in the text to the individual exhibits. A special material for me are old wooden beams, which are about 400 years old and whose surface has been eaten away by woodworm and exposed to the weather, but whose interior radiates an incredible warmth after being worked and treated with oil. Also, woods where the rotting process has already started - this material is also called "stocky wood" - have a very interesting surface structure after drying and polishing.

Also feel free to check out my Instagram or Facebook profile, I regularly upload images of my most recent sculptures here.

Also visit the Forestview site where some of my artwork is available.