Since a few years I take part in exhibitions and I am always happy about new requests.

I have listed some of my exhibitions below:

Waldkirch 2008/07

On the occasion of the 1250th anniversary

Savings Bank Waldshut 2009/02

Invitation from Director Bürsner

Unteralpfen Parish Hall 2009/10

Open day after renovation of the parish hall

Town House Ostfildern 2013/09

Invitation from the managing director of NEWO, Mr. Stoll

Stelae action Birndorf Birkingen 2014/05-10

Invitation from the organizing committee

LichtFORMAT Schaffhausen Switzerland/2015/11-12

Invitation EKS Schaffhausen

Savings Bank Waldshut 2016/04

Invitation from the Directorate

750 years of Schmitzingen 2016/07

Exhibition in the former schoolhouse


Küssaberg/Rheinheim 2017/06-07

Invitation by the Chairwoman, Ms Rossa